Lady's Night

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December 21, 2023
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Anna Marie

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Sometimes the best way to deal with people is to give 'em a taste of their own medicine.


It was the first Thursday of winter break and that made for an important milestone. It was the first Lady’s Night since March (aka spring break) that the teachers of the school could attend without having to worry about school the next morning. Ann Marie was never one to resist an opportunity to have some fun. Especially with others who could appreciate a similar adult only break. Always aiming for the largest turn out possible, Ann Marie made sure to get the word out early. She sent out an email, a calendar invite and lastly a posting in the adult only lounge. She even had the little kids help make the posting “beautiful”, naturally Amp insisted that they use at least two different colored glitter.

Ann Marie was the first in the lobby. Not surprising since she was so excited for the night’s event. As she double checked her look in a mirror she heard a car approaching. Double checking that the front light was on, Ann Marie moved to greet whom she believed to be Ireland.

Ireland Chase

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Each year the world gets a little bit smaller, and that fact frightens me.

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The drive from her apartment to the school was a breeze. What traffic normally clogged up the thorough fairs was virtually none existing this time of night. Though trips to the school were becoming a habit for her, hardly any of those trips happened at night. The lack of traffic helped ease some of the anxious energy Irleand had been battling with. It had been ages since she had gone out with a group of girls for the evening. She was equally excited and terrified, which did not leave her with much of an appetite for dinner. Hopefully once everyone was together, she would feel better about deciding to come. Ann Marie had been very persuasive with her sales pitch and had a great answer for every excuse she tried to give.

Pulling into the driveway, finding a place to park was a breeze. As she got out of her car she looked towards the multi car garage that housed the school’s vehicles. There was a single door open, which revealed a large black suburban. Suddenly Ireland’s mind was flooded with images from nearly every chick-flick she had seen. Cringing slightly to herself in hopes that she wouldn’t be one of the embarrassing ones. Hopefully there wouldn’t be a social media junkie in the group. Drunken posts with unflattering, or embarrassing photos was something she hoped to avoid as well.

As she approached the main door the light flicked on. Which turned the dim doorway into a well lite pleasant porch. She only managed to knock once before Ann Marie pulled the door open and gestured for her to come inside. “I hope what I’m wearing is ok. I tried on about 15 different outfits,” she was in a light blue chiffon wrap around dress with long sleeves that billowed slightly before the buttoned cuff. She paired the dress with a pair of heels and curled hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her make-up was done in the same manner it always was, which was a snap shot right out of the 50’s. The perfect cat-eye, flawless looking skin, and a mauve lip. “Do I look as nervous as I feel?” She asked the southern belle, in hopes that she was more experienced with these sorts of outings.

Anna Marie

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Sometimes the best way to deal with people is to give 'em a taste of their own medicine.


The resident southerner was wearing skintight jeans in rich green color, tucked into light brown heeled ankle boots. With it she wore a black peasant top with a flower design. The long sleeve made sure she was covered from others, but the open neckline and light material added the sexy freedom Anna Marie needed to balance out how covered she needed to be when out in public. Anyone who dared touch her neck or the parts of her chest that were exposed deserved a jolt in her opinion. Her hair was full of natural curls, and pinned back behind her right ear. She felt good about her outfit as she stepped away from the mirror and towards the door.

“Miss Chase, you are the poster girl for prompt arrivals,” Anna Marie voiced with a smile as she closed the door behind the school’s latest guest. Pausing to listen to Ireland’s questions, the southerner made an observant circle around her. “You look as put together as a prom queen on picture day,” she assured her with another smile.

Coming to a stop in front of Ireland, Anna Marie shifted her weight to her left leg, jutting her hip out slightly as her hand came to rest on top of it. After a moment she drummed her fingers and tipped her head to the side, “Ireland, su’ga. How is it that you look so effortlessly flawless and put together all the time? You sure you ain’t some undeclared mutant with perfection powers or someth’n?” Pausing a moment to let the question hang in the air before continuing. “Even with try’n on 15 outfits, ya can’t tell by look’n at ya… but tell me this su’ga, what does your bedroom look like? Mine,” pointing above her to one of the upper floors. “Mine looks like a trail’a park after a tornado hit it dur’n the county rummage sale,” she shared chuckling to herself. “If you see me debat’n about ma next drink all’s you have ‘ta do it remind me about ma room need’n a clean in the morn’n. Right there makes a girl need a few rounds.”

Jean Grey-Summers

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"I know what everyone feels..."

Jean was also looking forward to this night. Just to let go of all her responsibilities at the school and be a bit wild like when she was younger. Not that she was ever a very wild person. She had always had that little bit of shyness and uncertainty going on about her. Detox from life's routine with her friends while drinking a little and saying some nonsenses was just what she needed tonight. She was sure it would be a fun outing as those ladies only nights had always been since they had started. Many stories to be told about them too. 

Jean's choice of clothing for the night was on the simpler spectrum, but still comfortable, stylish and feminine. She was wearing black leather zipped ankle boots, dark jeans, a green satin social blouse, which highlighted the color of her eyes, and a black leather jacket. A silver necklace graced her neckline due to the three upper buttons of her blouse being opened to show some skin and the sides of her red hair were pinned back while the rest of it flowed freely at the back. As for make-up, again simple, but effective in highlighting her green eyes.

"Good evening. I see I'm early tonight..." Jean remarked seeing only Rogue and Ireland there. Not that she was always the last one to arrive. No. That luxury was always Frost's. She couldn't hold back a motherly smile at Marie's last words. She reminded her of Nathan and how it was always a struggle for him to get his room straightened up after he was old enough for her not to do it for him anymore. She had always had an easier time with cleaning up. Telekinesis had helped her in that chore all her life.

Diedre Lockhart

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It had been quite a while since the last occasion when when the ladies of the mansion had been out together, though Deirdre was hoping that it would go smoothly. Hopefully they'd perhaps be joined by some new faces as well, Shaali perhaps if she was able to come or perhaps Ireland whom was always an interesting visitor. Partly though Deirdre was hoping this was the case so she could remind herself she wouldn't be the only one whom might feel a little nervous. There was no reason for it really, just that it had been a while.

Now her concern was that she might be running a little late, having found herself with the age old dilemma of deciding what to wear. In the end she'd gone for her usual style, the one she found most comfortable even if it might have been considered a little eccentric. A simple off the shoulder dress in peacock blue, worn with a light gauzy turquoise scarf with glittery silver thread that Amp would have found irresistible, a simple but elegant choker and her hair in it's usual style tumbling around her shoulders. Her makeup she'd kept simple to emphasise her eyes along with trying that new slightly darker shade of lipstick. The most difficult thing had been the choice of shoes, in the end going for ankle boots rather than the agony of heels.

"Out of mind, out of sight, carry me hidden in the night," Deirdre spoke the words to focus her illusion, rendering herself invisible for her journey from the room to the lobby. A precaution in case she encountered any wayward pixies, though fortunately this time she seemed to be in luck. As she approached the lobby still invisible she could sense that she was amongst the earlier arrivals, so she'd perhaps not taken as long as she'd thought. Likely Jean was aware of her with her telepathy far stronger than the slight degree that Deirdre possessed though she still might have perhaps surprised Anna Marie and Ireland with her sudden appearance, just remembering to drop the illusion.

"Oh, I'm sorry...I just wanted to take care in case someone noticed my scarf, though I probably look an awful mess anyway, not so nicely turned out as you all are," Deirdre spoke a little hesitantly, a little embarrassed and apologetic if she'd startled anyone.

Ororo Munroe

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The Lady's Night was a well-known event for the adult female residents of the X-Mansion and their invited guests. Ororo always participated when her duties as deputy headmistress didn't get in the way. For her, no classes the next day not necessarily meant no work to be done, but she was free tonight and tomorrow. Certainly she would take the opportunity to spend some quality time with interesting people. Maybe some unexpected presences would accompany them during this night out of the mansion.

Ororo hoped they weren't just waiting for her to leave as she went down the stairs. She was wearing black leather shoes with small heels, lead grey colored jeans and an elbow long cotton blouse with geometric motifs in shades of yellow, red, black and blue. She made sure her short hair wasn't too spiky and that the color of her lipstick harmonized with the rest of her attempted look: sober and lively like herself.

When Ororo arrived at the lobby, she could see Rogue, Ireland, Jean and Deirdre were already in attendance. She wasn't the last one to arrive or was she? Hopefully not. She entered the room just as Deirdre spoke. "You look lovely as well, Deirdre. To each their own style." She offered as an encouragement to the younger woman as she joined the group. "Good evening everyone."