Our previous RPG lasted over 8 years. Yes, 8 years and now we are going back to the beginning, scrapping most of what we had before yet keeping some base ideas and intermingling it with the entirely new. Welcome to MPIW’s completely rebooted Alternate Universe X-Men RPG.

Being AU means we are open to Canon characters having a completely different history. Like a certain bit from the comics? Keep it. Hate that bit? Leave it out. Want to incorporate something from the first X-Men movies or maybe you prefer the newer ones? Then, as long as you are willing to work with us to make it fit, we would love to see you join us here.

Our intention is for no newly interested member to ever feel left out, waiting around in the background for something to happen. We not only want to make sure your ideas will mesh with our intended opening main storyline but we also wish to guarantee your character will have a place the moment that bio of yours is approved.

Thus, please read all our rules and character creation requirements carefully and then go ahead and fill out those custom biofields. We can't wait to welcome your character into the family.

More Info. possibly to come...