Dark Synth In Neon Patterns

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One of the shaggy brows quirked, the canines revealed in a grin that was a little bit sardonic and a rumbling growl of a chuckle in his throat as the Cajun man stated his disbelief in the wolfman's words. Admittedly it would be more than a little foolish to trust a werewolf or even just a feral mutant for that matter. Even though Maxwell knew he was being truthful he wouldn't have trusted him in Gambit's position, particularly as the man openly admitted he'd used the same trick himself in the past.

The wolfman's attention though was turned away from the Cajun for a moment, the beautiful if terrifying form of his beloved raptor alighting and giving him a questioning look. Of course he'd changed the game without informing her first, so he gave her an apologetic shrug of the shoulders. Her talon tapping against the concrete, the tension he could sense in her as for the moment she observed, the self control that she maintained when her feral instincts were that much more intense than his own.

"Impulsive again wasn't I? I'm sorry for that my sweet," he whispered to her.

Back to Gambit, attention focused on him as he noted the man looking around, evidently rechecking his surroundings, formulating a plan and in that fight-or-flight moment that every prospective prey would feel. Muscles tensed as Lobo readied himself, taking the effort to prevent a broad fang-filled grin from showing on his hirsute face. Still he couldn't help but feel that rush of adrenaline and endorphins as he knew he was now going to see what the other guy was capable of.

"Well, that's quite impressive," Maxwell mused, scratching his chin as he watched the man almost float up in the air via some fancy trick of his mutant ability, watching intently and memorising what he was seeing for future reference. He nodded as Gambit called back and began to ascend the stairs quickly but in the mundane fashion.

"He really thinks we intend to kill him, good, good. This way he'll show us what he's really capable of, so I won't disillusion him just yet. Now if he does manage to put me out for the count or otherwise singe my whiskers, promise we you won't kill him please?" Maxwell asked Lied, as he smoothed some of her ruffled feathers for her and placed a small kiss on the raptor's head.

Then he was leaping, his jump easily taking him to the fire escape and his claws clicking against the grating as he charged up the stairs rapidly closing the distance between himself and his 'quarry', jauntily whistling the tune to 'Peter and the Wolf' as he did so.

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The previously mentioned beloved Raptor heard his statement to her directly, and she would agree he was impulsive, the whole not killing thing she’d likely be against, but she’d seen their quarry’s eyes she knew that he was a mutant, and for the sake of that her control allowed her to follow the Wolfman’s lead, and she watched as gambit began making his escape from the two ferals. She to felt impressed by his ability, and a part of her couldn’t help but imagine, what it would be like if they’d managed to recruit him for the brotherhood. She felt interested in seeing that happened.

She turned her head to her lover, and listened as he spoke to her, and made a request that would have been difficult for her to follow through. She couldn’t help but wonder if the man they were chasing were capable of doing that. She didn’t move until he finished smoothing her feathers, and gently brought her head and her beak forward as nuzzle move.

The head was moved back, as her wings spread again. She gave a chirp response rather than her usual bird shriek, the chirp was used as a means to convey her agreement to his request. She’ll certainly try to hold herself back.  She took off, the force of which caused a harsh breeze to go through, kicking up dusk and old newspapers, partly eaten burgers and trash as she flew up.

As part of her self-control, she forced herself to hover, wanting to see how fast Gambit was capable of moving, and how fast her lover was so that she could see how much faster she was in the air.  She swooped down and attempted a careful swipe at Gambit.

Her attempt only meant to scare, not to truly cause harm.

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"If I've learned anythin' about life it's this:

Always play the hand yer dealt.

My name is Gambit. And I play for keeps."

~Ferals!~ Remy thought.

They were the bane of his existence. The one type of mutant that could so easily overpower and devour him were they so inclined. The Cajun had finite control over the fear just dying to take over and basically make him absolutely useless in any sort of fight. Still, even he knew things were about to get very serious and the chances of him being injured, or worse, were extremely high. He’d already died once. Lost five years of his life because of it. There was no way Gambit was going to allow it to happen again!

Hands moved quickly, the bo-staff disappearing back into its specially made pocket while at the same time he pulled the deck of cards out of another section, eyes already starting to turn purple-red, the cards soon imbued with the same kinetic energy. As he went to turn and throw them, he saw the raptor swooping down talons extended, Remy having to change his tactic last minute, rolling forward to avoid her then turning to throw the charged cards straight at the wolf-man very quickly closing in on him.

He didn’t wait around to see if it had worked or not, taking the time they should be distracted to keep putting distance between them. At the edge of the building, once again the tip of his staff weapon carried him the distance, this time down a little to the next building. Booted feet landing on gravel lined concrete, if he was to think about it some more, he'd realize the attack from Lied was not what he'd been expecting. Had she actually held off from grabbing him? Didn't matter. She was most likely leaving him for her man to take care of, Remy no longer letting the thought distract him while he continued, disappearing out of sight around the wide skylight running the length of the rooftop.

Maxwell had been curious about the effects of the cards, even as one went whistling past his shoulder with a high pitched whine to burst in a pyrotechnic display behind him. Another caught him in the chest and one exploded at his feet, the smell of singed hair assailing his nostrils as he was thrown backwards to land for a moment in a tangled heap. They did pack a certain punch, stung a little and if he'd not been partially shifted already it might have been a few minutes before he'd gotten up.

"Hey, a little of both, blew me out of my boots and singed my whiskers, heh," the wolfman let out a low rumbling chuckle as he sprung back to his feet just in time to catch the Cajun man landing on the next rooftop. Lobo was already moving again and shifting as he went, clothing already torn and singed enough it didn't really matter if it was shredded further. Black fur sprouted, cracking sounds as bones distorted and shifted, muscles thickening, nails lengthening into claws and his jaw stretching into a lupine muzzle. By the time he'd reached the edge of the roof making the easy leap across, he was a full werewolf.

He turned back to look at Lied, his beautiful raptor and gave her a wolfish grin and a thumbs-up gesture.

The Cajun had disappeared from sight behind the skylight but Lobo had his scent, the werewolf dropping to all fours as he bounded along, a deep, rumbling growl of a chuckle sounding in his throat as he let himself for the moment; just get caught up in the joy of the chase.

"Okay, swamprat, ready to rumble with the Rougarou?"

In the air, Lied squawked when she saw the cards coming at her mate. She knew ordinarily cards wouldn’t be able to hurt but she’d seen something. These cards were changed somehow, they had a glow about them and when she saw the explosion she knew that this man she and her mate were hunting wasn’t an ordinary man or an ordinary mutant. He was a threat to be sure, but what if... They can convince him to join the Brotherhood? They’d gain an ally they can use and Gambit wouldn’t have to worry about them attacking.

She watched Lobo, who appeared to be amused and unbothered by the explosions as his body took care of itself.  She followed Lobo, knowing that her mate had the guys scent, and could easily track him down, while she used her eyes to search for Gambit. She kept her eyes peeled for him and shrieked when she spotted a glimpse of Gambit.

There were two skylights, about three metres apart and with gravel lining the rooftop between them. In seeing this, Remy had decided he was not going to run anymore. He had the advantage of being able to position himself at the other end, at least six or more metres away, to watch as a now fully wolven pursuer came around the corner. He kept an eye on the beautiful and very deadly hawk flying ahead over the skylight to call out a warning that he was there. Remy smirked, his bo-staff already in his hand, now extending and glowing at both ends. He waited, listening to the sound of paws getting closer, Gambit having no doubt Lobo would've already seen him just standing there by now. 

"Keep comin', le loup," he urged. "Jus' a little bit closer."

Gambit was a patient man. He was also a very careful one. As Lobo reached the desired distance, he twisted the staff weapon down, both partly gloved hands used to smash a glowing end into the rocks. The resultant kinetic explosion travelled only along the length of the gravel, petering out along the width once it hit the skylight walls, thus, causing no damage to the large windows at all. Reddish-purple energy lifted up the rocks beneath the werewolf's feet and continued upwards towards the sky to hopefully cause some sort of problem for the oversized bird above him too.

Lobo nodded in acknowledgment when he heard his mate's screech, readying himself for whatever trick the Cajun might have planned next. He could sense that the quarry had decided they weren't going to run, so he probably had some trick up his sleeve and likely hadn't decided that he'd be slugging it out in hand to hand combat will a full-fledged werewolf. Probably not repeating the same trick with the cards but something different, which would show a little more of what he was capable of.

Fully shifted now, it would take a lot of punishment to put him down for the count and he'd bounced right up from the cards, so Lobo braced himself for whatever was coming as he got the glimpse of Remy with staff in hands, both ends glowing with energy. As the tip of the staff struck down, Lobo briefly wondered if the intent was to bring the roof down as he then saw the explosive force was directed only along the gravel. Rocks flew upwards as he lost his footing, though hopefully, Lied would be able to avoid the worst of it. She'd better for the sake of Remy, or Lobo would no longer be playing around.

Lobo was up in an instance, bounding on all fours closer to Remy and none the worst for wear, feet stinging and itching a little wear cuts and minor burns were rapidly healing and some of his fur a little singed and covered in dust. He was grinning broadly though as he rose on his hind legs again, giving a deep guttural chuckle.

"Just so you know, that did kind of tickle. Actually, I'll give you a tip. There's a spot just below the ribs on my right side, tickle me there and I pretty much collapse and my left leg twitches uncontrollably. You can try it if you like."

 She would watch her love chasing their prey, and she knew how much Lobo was enjoying this, and she wondered if he’d enjoy taking their child out on jaunts like this, fun and games chasing their prey. She knew their kid would likely be a feral but what kind since the two were two different animals she didn’t know.  She soared through the air, just gliding as she allowed the air pressure, and the thermals to guide her when she spotted the debris flying towards her.

She brought her wings into her body and used the momentum to try and get out of the way of the rocks. Unlike Lobo, she was much more vulnerable, and she didn’t want the game to change just yet.  Her Talon got nicked by the flying things, and she forced herself not to make a sound as she made a controlled landing, and began the transition back to humanoid.

She landed behind the Cajun and she heard Lobo and chuckled.  She stood there crossing her arms. “Honey, I thought only I was allowed to tickle you there?” She said with a smirk. She waited to see what Gambit did next. 

Under different circumstances, Remy may have actually liked this guy standing in full wolf form in front of him. That recovery was impressive and the man’s sense of humour one he could admire. If it wasn’t for the fact he thought he would get ripped limb from limb if he let Lobo get close enough, he might even have chuckled at the mention of his powers merely feeling like a tickle to the feral mutant. Remy reprimanded himself for being as cocky as to think what he’d sent would’ve been enough to take him down. Instead of waiting there, he should’ve kept going because now the raptor was right behind him and…

He glanced back at her. Changing back into her human form? What was that all about? Her quip to her lover brought a small smirk at the corner of the Cajun’s mouth, only for the slightest moment amused by the image of exactly where she might’ve been talking about. Falling into a battle stance holding the bo-staff down by his right side, Gambit used both hands to twist it around in front of him a couple of times, showing them he very much knew how to use it.

“Yo’ femme be human again,” he said. “Wha' be next, mon amie?”

"Yeah, but then you know so many ways to make me howl or purr like a kitten," Lobo replied to Lied, knowing when she was joking. However, he wouldn't spill any more of their more private pastimes, not wanting to get himself in trouble with his beloved.

As she transitioned back to her human form, there was a slight shift in Lobo's posture almost imperceptible though he was ready to move just in case the Cajun did decide to make a move. The man had shifted into a battle-ready stance, twirling his bo staff around and showing he knew how to handle the weapon, most likely a highly skilled close-quarters combatant.

"Yes, she's changed back but if I were to do so right now, well maybe you'd see it as an opportunity to crack me in the head with your staff. No judgement, just that would be a pragmatic thing to do given as you yourself said earlier, you don't exactly trust my intent," Lobo replied to Remy, giving him the equivalent of a friendly grin, though full werewolf as he was it did show off all his fangs.

"What happens next, that's up to you. Could be fun though to see just how skilled you are up close, whether you can put me on my back again, your bo at my throat or if I can get past your guard, knock you down this time and see if I can pin you. Just have to remember these claws don't retract and I'd have to be as careful as I can, not use too much strength," Lobo shrugged his shoulders, not really expecting that the Cajun would take him up on the offer of what would effectively be a sparring match but almost hoping he would.

So long as he didn't end up killing or crippling the guy it would be good clean fun so far as the lycanthrope was concerned.

She glanced to Gambit, now without her shades, he’d be able to see her eyes, and how inhuman they were.  The glove she usually wore was gone too, which meant her talon hand was visible too. “Indeed, I have confidence in my loves abilities. I have to admit, I'm interested in seeing what you’re capable of, I admit I have some ideas what you can do, but I’d like confirmation. If you don’t mind of course, and there’s a proposition for you too should you manage to last.” She said then without moving, she spoke to Lobo ”Beloved, would you like to face our friend here, one on one, or want me to join in?”

She waited for the answers as she watched Gambit like a Hawk.

What exactly were these two playing at? Despite his best instincts, Gambit was starting to think maybe this wasn’t just another ruse to lure him into letting his guard down and they really weren’t there to end his life. Unique gaze had already seen the distinct colour of the raptor's eyes, his eyebrow rising at the fact she hadn’t changed one of her talons back to a hand yet. Perhaps she couldn’t?

“That be an impressive hook yo’ be havin’ there, Cher,” he said, his focus ever and always on the both of them, ready for anything. “If’n this really be jus’ a test, Gambit not wishin' to be playin' yo’ games,” and he glanced around the roof. “At least, not here,” he added, eyes narrowing at the werewolf. “Still not believin’ dis ain’t some sort of trick. We both be knowin’ how this ends. Gambit be no match for two feral mutants, least of all an obviously very skilled one such as you.”

The Cajun was still very wary, never missing a beat, very much not wanting to see his life ended once again and for good this time. He also knew when to give the benefit of the doubt. Because, really, had these two wanted him dead, it would’ve surely been accomplished by now.


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Lobo looked across at Lied, his lips curling back in a grin that showed off his teeth as he replied, "Well I imagine that he's been in a few threesomes in his time but he probably prefers the bedroom variety. I think one on one would be best, just to make it fair but it's down to him."

Noting that Remy was looking closely at Lied, Lobo presumed he'd noticed her eyes and the taloned hand just unique charms of his beautiful raptor. The talon could be a lethal killing weapon or surprisingly delicate and it was always the best at scratching him behind the ears in his more lupine forms. He turned his focus back to Remy as he noted from scent and stance that the Cajun was still wary, still ready for whatever came and certainly not about to trust them.

"Yeah, I mean it's perhaps unfamiliar territory for you and there's the home field advantage. Though up here on the rooftops, plenty of room to manoeuvre and show off your agility, the risk of a fall does add a certain thrill and less likely to attract unwanted attention," the werewolf replied evenly.

As the Cajun admitted he really didn't trust them, Lobo gave one of his more wolfish grins, "Heh, maybe you're right but it would be a fun match and if I really wanted to kill you, would I be talking or right up in your face snarling and trying to rip your throat out?"

Maxwell stretched out a long furry arm, pointed with a finger to the edge of the roof, "You want to leave then that's fine, though I suppose you'd be looking over your shoulder the whole time and maybe for weeks after. I mean by now I know your scent, so could you be sure I wasn't lurking in the shadows, stalking you and just waiting for the moment to strike. That's probably what you're thinking I'd do isn't it?"

Lied grinned when he commented on her talon, indeed her limb had its uses whether she wanted to kill or simply not kill. She hated having to hide it but when one tended to have talon others were fearful, in on Neutral ground that was her Nightclub. She laughed at Lobo’s words and shook her head with a grin on her face before she looked back to Gambit who spoke, stating his distrust of them, based on their feral natures.

Her love spoke telling him he could leave if he desired to but of course Lobo left the threat that he’d be looking over his shoulder now that Lobo had his scent. “My love has a good nose, as do I “ She spoke before she moved so that she stood beside Lobo. “But earlier, I’d like to see you fight Lobo here, I want to see your powers at work, defeat him but do not kill, and we will let you go unarmed, and unbothered, but there’s additional two proposition for you, you could possibly join one of two groups we are loosely affiliated with, ones the Brotherhood, which I am sure is familiar, and the other..” here she turned and with the finger that came after the thumb on her Talon hand, she pointed at her Nightclub, shining in the distance.

“You can join my nightclub as an Employee, you’ll be paid for your time, and there are health benefits too, and I’ve been trying to make it Neutral ground, in terms of X-men, and their School, and the Brotherhood and their little plays”

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