Was Your Character Dusted?

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Yep, as was recently announced and we've been discussing on Discord, now is the time to think about which one of your characters were affected by the events of Infinity War?

  1. The most important question of all is, were they dusted/blipped off the face of the planet for five years, with their return being around nine months ago now?
  2. If they weren't dusted, how were they affected? Lost family? Friends? Saw it happen? Found out later? And so on...
  3. Now that it is obviously a huge and very Canon part of MPIW please start mentioning it in-game. Feel free to think about any flashbacks &/or current threads you may wish to do exploring this.
  4. In line with the above, please make sure to add this event to the history section of any bios already complete and remember to include it there in any bios still pending.

For those of you who haven't seen the movies and don't intend to, here is a link to the Avengers: Infinity War Wiki for a quick reference rundown on what happened.


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As the newbie with just one character in progress, that's easy for me to answer. I'll also mention other characters I plan on taking later once Scott completely is finished.

Scott Summers/Cyclops - Survived

Scott had already returned from his mission to collect information on the mutant situation on Western Europe when the snap happened, thus he was at the mansion and was protected by Phoenix's intervention. Knowing what had happened soon after it did, he did his best to help during the aftermath. He was torn apart after loosing all those who hadn't managed to return from their missions or were for other reasons away from the mansion.


Warlock - Survived

Warlock is traveling alone across the galaxy while trying to escape the expansionist and aggressive ways of his people. He neither was caught by the Decimation wave nor was aware of what happened during that time.

Andrew Strucker/Destructo - Vanished

Andrew had been finally reunited with his family after his stint at the late Inner Circle when the Decimation wave caught him and ripped him from them again, but in a seemingly much more permanent way for five years. He didn't feel anything as his body began to turn into dust, but he heard his father Reed screaming his name before he was no more. 

Peter Parker/Spiderman - Vanished

Peter participated in the fight against Thanos at Titan and was the last to vanish among those present there. His spider sense began to tingle and the hairs on his body were on end as the Decimation wave approached them. He was the only one there, besides Dr. Strange, who was aware he was going to disappear before it happened, reason why he apologized to Iron Man and begged not to go to no avail.


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I've made my choices as well regarding my characters

I've decided to go for a 50-50 ratio.

Peter Quill/Star-Lord - Vanished

Quill vanished at Titan after the fight against Thanos that happened there, where he halted his own plan from working due to what had happened to Gamora previously, and just after Drax and Mantis had also vanished. Dr. Strange, Spiderman, Iron Man and Nebula saw him vanishing. Between those only the last two survived the snap.

Raven Darkholme/Mystique - Vanished

Raven had infiltrated Lied's nightclub as an employee while trying to know why the feral had been looking for her during years previous to the opening of the place. Not finding a satisfiable answer, she was in the process of attempting an assassination when she vanished. Lied could only hear the sound of the long-range weapon falling at the distance as the hands holding it ceased to exist. 

Upon her return, Mystique laid low until Magneto also returned and explained everything to her. Raven decided to stay working undercover at the nightclub as the Brotherhood became more of a sleeper cell than an open organization.

Jason Wyngarde/Mastermind - Vanished

Jason was in the middle of a motorcycle race when he saw his hands dusting away while managing the handle of his bike, which followed its momentum for several feet until it tumbled to its side and became debris on the track after several other bikes bumped on it, bikes with and without racers alike.

Kevin MacTaggert/Proteus - Vanished

Kevin was in the middle of a training session with his powers designed by his mother Moira when he saw her vanishing. Though just as he began to freak out that his mother had turned into dust, he soon followed her.

Marcos Diaz/Eclipse - Vanished

After all the ordeals that had happened due to the Inner Circle, Marcos, Lorna and Dawn had finally reunited at Elizabeth's house. He had just placed his baby girl on her cradle after playing with her and was rocking it when he saw his hands turning into dust. The last thing he heard was Lorna shouting his name as he vanished completely.

Robert Drake/Iceman - Vanished 

Bobby was washing his hands after going to the bathroom at TAFE Queensland's building where he was studying for a Game Developing degree.

Steven Rogers/Captain America - Survived

Steve was a big part of the battle in Wakanda, but wasn't able to stop Thanos from doing what he wanted. After the snap, he called out for Bucky and saw his best friend vanish in front of his eyes. He also lost Sam Wilson to the snap as he discovered later. He moved on with the remaining Avengers and began a help group for others who had lost people during the Decimation. He was an integral part of the plan that brought back everyone who was dusted.

Magda Eisenhardt/Hourglass and Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver- Survived

Magda was playing a card game with her son Pietro when she sensed something weird spreading through the timeline. Instinctively, she grabbed his hands and took them out of time with her powers, thus preserving them both. They were both completely torn apart when they discovered Wanda was among the vanished.

Elizabeth Braddock/Psylocke - Survived

Betsy was in the middle of a report to Remy about a suspected mole in their ranks when she sensed many of the psychic presences among the orphaned children playing nearby vanishing from the background of her mind, leaving behind a kind of deafening silence. Soon, Remy himself began to dust away right in front of her and the vanished just kept pilling up until her mind was overwhelmed and she passed out for a couple of hours, waking up in a much less crowded world where she became the leader of the Thieves' Guild in Remy's instead in his memory. 

Ororo Munroe/Storm - Survived

Ororo had already returned from her mission to collect information on the mutant situation on North Africa when the snap happened, thus she was at the mansion and was protected by Phoenix's intervention. Knowing what had happened soon after it did, she helped in any way possible during the aftermath of the Decimation. She was torn apart after loosing all those who hadn't managed to return from their missions or were for other reasons away from the mansion. It rained for a whole month after that, which helped wash away the dust at the school's grounds.

Joseph MacTaggert (NPC) - Survived

Joseph was working at this office reading the proof collection of a case when the snap happened. He wasn't aware of it until he called his assistant to bring him some more case files so he could deliberate on a proper sentence for the defendant and there was no reply. He went to check and found a pile of dust where the younger man should have been. Being estranged from both Moira and Kevin for decades then, he wasn't phased by their vanishing.


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Elixir/Joshua – Blipped
Joshua blipped, the rest of his family did not. During the blip his family moved. Once everyone returned, they were reunited. He’s been babied since he got back, until his power’s surfaces. Once that happened his family, who are anti-mutant, believed something else came back and that Joshua was not their son.

Ireland/Amp – Stayed/Blipped
Amp was barely outside the school grounds when the snap happened. She watched as Jean’s shield went up just beyond her reach as she began to dust away. Ireland remained, she felt it when Amp dusted. Without Amp she turned cold and professional, which helped her manage the pain of learning her daughter had dusted as well.

Rogue/Anna Marie - Stayed
Safe within the school grounds when Jean created her shield, she remained along with many of the other residents. Once the dust settled Rogue quickly joined the efforts to help recover/manage the new “norm” as much as they could.

Whisper/Booker – Blipped
Dusted while he was a mental/mutant patient at a hospital in New York. Will coordinate with other players as to what happened at the hospital during that time. Having been surrendered by his parent’s years before, they are not in contact so neither were aware of who dusted and who stayed.

May Park - Blipped


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Guess it's about time I got to this, right? Here we go...


Professor Charles Xavier - Survived

  • At the mansion and thankfully protected by the Phoenix force in two ways,
  • 1) Survived the dusting.
  • 2) Was also psionically protected from feeling all those deaths at once, which would've ended up overwhelming his mind thus killing him.
  • Like so many others at the mansion that day, Charles was quick to find out what exactly had gone on, whether they'd lost anyone who may have been away and take stock of exactly where he could begin helping the survivors carry on. 

Restorer/Shaali, Pyro/John, Nicky (NPC) and Dt Ryan Shaw - Survived

  • With only Shaali and her Mum in the same place when the decimation happened, by some sheer miracle, these four somehow survived, each supporting each other in varying ways to aid in their moving on from losing so many other friends and family around them. Nicky and Shaali were especially distraught by witnessing the loss of so many of the animal rescue staff and, of course, the animals they'd worked so hard to rehabilitate as well. Then came learning about Shaali's Dad, Joseph, Mastermind and Iceman and, well... one can only imagine how they were feeling.
  • Then we get to Pyro who not only lost someone he viewed as his best mate, but also saw it happen while on a racing tour. Upset, yet relieved when, after contacting them, he soon learnt his immediate family plus the man he saw as a mentor, Ryan Shaw, had survived, John was then torn apart again when realizing later on that Bobby Drake and Sean Cassidy were also among the missing.
  • Dt Ryan Shaw was at his precinct in the middle of discussing a case, when half of those in the building, including his partner, disappeared. He was only snapped out of the shock when he heard the sounds of cars smashing into each other on the street below and, despite everything, the phones beginning to ring in a now half-empty room.

James 'Bucky' Barnes - Vanished

  • Bucky was a big part of the major battle at Wakanda that day. Although he didn't see it happen, he was one of the first within the vicinity to feel the effects of Thanos' Snap, calling out his best mate's name, Cap ultimately then seeing him disappear before he could even register what was happening.

Gambit/Remy LeBeau - Vanished

  • Attending to the needs of the Thieves Guild orphans, Gambit was in New Orleans listening to an update by his 2nd in command about a suspected mole in their ranks when he saw a few of the children playing nearby begin to dust away and not even a few seconds later partly gloved fingers began to disappear as well.
  • Remy had only enough time to glance at Psylocke in absolute shock before he was simply gone like so many others around them. 

Shadowfox/Shalimar - Vanished

  • At work that day, many of her coworkers were busy talking to customers when the decimation finally caught up with them, Shalimar among those who had only a split second to realize what was happening until they simply ceased to exist right where they'd been sitting or standing, headphones falling in a tangle either on the floor, on the desks, or to the now empty chairs below. 

Ithaca Kitty/Kiara - Vanished

  • Already losing his wife when Kiara was much younger, her Dad then had to experience what it was like to watch his daughter dust away while having lunch with her at a cafe nearest to her work.
  • Kiara's cries of "Dad, what's happening? Daddy!" forever haunting him until the day she returned to him again. 

Goose - Survived

  • The alien Flerken kitty was already alone lounging in her cat bed in Fury's office when the decimation happened. Thus she didn't witness anyone disappear directly but soon felt the pain of realizing the office door was never going to open to reveal her 'owner' and now very close friend ever again.
  • Very soon Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel came to get her, and while not travelling the cosmos with her from time to time over those five years, providing Guiga agrees, Goose attached herself to Steven Rogers, aka Captain America, seeing him as someone she could always trust to look after her no matter what.


My goodness! Is that everyone? Lol.

Okay, so I do have other characters to come as well but I've put my foot down with myself to get all the above bios done first.


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Lied Nova/ Speeding Hawk – Survived

Lied Saw her employees at the Nightclub disappearing but Lied herself survived due to an employee shielding her from harm.  it was disturbing to see all those she spoke to, made friends with disappearing as they had, and she would try frantically calling Lobo to see if he was alright.

Sachura Weeyico/ Heatblast –Survived

Having been working in Hank’s lab, doing Maintenance, on Anima, and talking to her mother via facetime, she witnessed her mother vanishing, the phone falling to the floor and cracking.

Natalie Weeyico – Vanished

Natalie was one of those vanished while talking to her daughter, She’d just finished telling her daughter how proud she was of her when it happened, the phone falling to the floor and cracking.

Crystal Evans/Shrapnel – Survived

Crystal witnessed her mother disappearing and it had a profound affect on her dad who became cold and distant. When Crystal became a mutant at 8 he abandoned her to the streets since he thought that mutants did it.

Theresa Rourke Cassidy/Siryn – Survived

Siryn was in the danger room putting some of the mansions students through some training with their powers when she’d gotten an alert about the situation, considering telepaths in the group crying out so suddenly. She had kept them there, and put on a calmer scene for them.