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School Holidays (2023-2024)


09/06    First Day of School

10/09    Columbus Day – No School

11/10    Veteran’s Day – No School

11/13    3rd week, 1st Quarter Report Cards.

  Parent/Teacher conferences sometime this week

11/22    Wed - Fri, Thanksgiving Break – No School

12/25    4th week, Winter Break Begins – No School

01/08    First Monday, School Restarts

01/15    Martin Luther King Jr. Day – No School

02/12    2nd week, 2nd Quarter Report Cards.

             Parent/teacher conferences sometime this week.

02/19    Presidents’ Day – No School

03/18    3rd week, Spring Break – No School

04/22    4th week, 3rd Quarter Report Cards.

             Parent/teacher conferences sometime this week.

05/27    Memorial Day – No School

06/17    3rd week, last week for Seniors (12th grade)

06/24    4th week, 4th Quarter Report Cards

06/27    4th week, Thursday – Last Day of School



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Student Grades

Elementary/Primary School

Kindergarten         6-years old

1st Grade              7-years old

2nd Grade             8-years old

3rd Grade              9-years old

4th Grade              10-years old

5th Grade              11-years old

Middle/Secondary School

6th Grade              12-years old

7th Grade              13-years old

8th Grade              14-years old

High School

9th Grade              15-years old       (aka Freshman)

10th Grade            16-years old       (aka Sophomore)

11th Grade            17-years old       (aka Junior)

12th Grade            18-years old       (aka Senior)

(*age student will turn by August of current school year)


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Grading System

Elementary School (+/- can be added to all options)

Effort Key

  • I – Improvement Needed
  • S – Satisfactory
  • O – Outstanding

Performance Key

  • D – Developing  (Not yet meeting, but working towards grade level expectations)
  • M – Meeting (Meeting grade level expectations)
  • E – Exceeding (Exceeding grade level expectations)
  • N/A – Not applicable at this time


Middle/High School (+/- can be added to all options)

A             100% - 90%         Exceeds Expectation

B             89% - 80%           Above Average

C             79% - 70%           Average

D             69% - 60%            Below Average

F              59% - 0%              Failing