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Since his bio is already done I don't have to go into too much detail about his background and the like here. Obviously, reading said bio is needed if anyone wishes to plot with my new and completely different version of John Allerdyce. He's the man I always felt he could become. The person I believed he should've been given the chance to be in the movies, and definitely nothing like he was in the comics. I can't explain why I love this character so much. He's honestly the only Canon I care about to the point that I'd be happy if he was the only one I ever wrote for again. Thus, welcome to the Firebug's plotting thread. Careful now, mind the burn!  

Current For-Fun Threads

Like a lot of the testing threads, these will most likely be moved to the main story when the time comes.

  • A Long-Awaited New Arrival
  • Hello Beautiful

Main Story Mansion Arrival

As mentioned in the post that started all of this activity for the X-Men RPG again, Pyro, by now 34 years old, will arrive with his foster sister, Shaali (a completely reimagined version of Blade Girl) at the mansion for the first time. This means there are no previous connections except for the ones already mentioned in his bio or that may possibly be added later on if someone comes up with a connection I really like.

I am really looking forward to seeing what comes of his story as we write. What friendships he forms, what romantic connection he may eventually make, if any, and so on. One thing I wish to point out here is that I would love the chance to work with whoever ends up playing Iceman. In my eyes, those two should've been good mates. Brothers in arms, so to speak. Would be ever grateful to whoever could help me make that happen now they are older.

Otherwise, Mark, did you want to flesh out the connection to Banshee here a bit more now? Will help me get a better idea of Shaw too. I've already decided he's going to be completely human, just with a very special skill set. Please feel free to discuss what we've only really touched on here at your convenience.

Pyro is fully Australian and has grown up there all his life. The only time he's stepped out of his home country will be when he and Shaali come to the US to visit Xavier's School. The current for-fun threads reflect that they've already been there for over three weeks. If you have an idea for a past encounter with John somewhere in Australia, particularly while he was on the road fixing motorbikes for racing clients, then go ahead and let us... I mean, me, know. My muse is eagerly waiting.


  • Nicky Evans - Adopted Mum (NPC)
  • Shaali Evans - Adopted Sister
  • Shrapnel, Crystal Evans - Adopted Niece


  • Detective Ryan Shaw (NPC)
  • Banshee, Sean Cassidy (Pending)
  • Iceman, Bobby Drake (Pending)


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Do you have anything in mind already for these two (Iceman & Pyro), Mana?

I'll just say that I wouldn't mind sending Bobby for a Masters/PhD in Australia after he finishes his studies at Xavier's. I continue to see him as someone who grew up, as in spent his whole teenage and early adult years, at the X-Mansion and was himself one of the X-Men for a while, but for some reason, he wanted a break at the other side of the world? Maybe it was Bobby who told Pyro and Shaali about Xavier's, with a lot of insider information and good things to say, when he and John met at some point while he was studying in Australia? Would it be a few years ago or just now?

As for how I see Bobby himself as a person around his 30s... He is a very cool guy, in the sense he is always level-headed, dependable, kind and generally easy to deal with. He'd do anything for his friends and loved ones, sees the X-Men and the kids at the school as his family, but so far he is still by himself because the side of him who wants to see the world (Australia is pretty far from the US) clashes with planting roots and starting a family. Surely he wouldn't be against it and I see him being great and popular with the X-kids. It just didn't happen yet because he happens to be looking the other way so far.

Also, I think Bobby will love John's motorcycle, just like I do!

If no one else offers or you would prefer one of the girls to help you with the other plot, I wouldn't mind doing it myself. I have less on my plate than most here. That's up to what you might have in mind.


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John is without a doubt an important figure in Crystal’s life. He is the male role model that she knows she could count on, someone who would be willing to protect her no matter what. Just need to look at hello beautiful to see this. Of course, Shaali is the same way, I am positive. Because of her uncle, she has been around his motorcycle, and knows how to get on without help [I’m sure she’d want a Motorcycle too, but I am guessing there’s a resounding NO! to that particular request? Until she’s older, at least.

I think if things change and He’s Shaali’s Husband, instead of brother, it might take her a while until she calls him Papa Pyro. She’s used to calling him Uncle Pyro, or like 3 years I think. But she will, hopefully with the encouragement of her parents. But one thing’s for sure, whether father or Uncle, she thinks he’s a good man.


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In this RPG and going with Sean being in X-Men First Class I am intending to go with him having been amongst Xavier's very first students if that will fit in with Sean going into his police career and Interpol afterwards, so I was thinking he could have been in Australia sometime after Theresa's birth and Maeve's death, maybe 20 years ago so likely early in Shaw's career.

Sean was tracking a powerful mutant, a mercenary or serial killer, someone like Sabretooth perhaps, whom operated on a worldwide basis and caught up with them in Australia, with the help of local law enforcement. They turned out to be even more dangerous than expected, some police officers were killed and Shaw and Sean likely ended up saving each other's lives, and Sean revealing himself as a mutant, but Sean sees Shaw as someone he'd trust with his life, a brother maybe.

Sean keeps in touch with Shaw over the years, maybe offering his advice in mutant situations even if he's on the other side of the world, so he'd kept up with hearing about John, maybe offered his advice and his own experiences with young mutants, and how things turned out with his own cousin but that for John it could be turned around. So Sean was sort of their behind the scenes for quite some time maybe, knowing of John and how it was going with him hearing back from Shaw.

Sean's got a sort of avuncular pride and a deferred affection for John though somewhat keeping his distance and feeling some awkwardness that he doesn't want to get too close at first or be sure about how John felt towards him though for Sean, it's a little like when he first met Theresa and if there's any chance John would let him in, he'd probably be more or less ready to see him as a son he never had.

Motorbikes might be a small way to start with that.

Sean might well pick up on the signs between Shaali and John being a detective and with his own loss of the love of his life, he'd want to see them taking that chance and quietly encourage them even if maybe he has to point out some of the clues to what's already there.


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Guiga, Re: Iceman

As mentioned briefly in Shaali’s ICM, they could’ve met when John was in his second year of TAFE but in thinking some more on it, maybe it was when he was in Brisbane for some training at the University that he actually met Bobby because I highly doubt anyone would choose to study in my little city’s uni by comparison. Lol. Up to you, though, if Bobby is travelling and curious, maybe he came across it and decided to stay or he was transferred to the University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba Campus and it was there during one of John’s prac days that he met him. Will leave that decision entirely up to you :D.

I liked the dynamic between Bobby and John in the first two X-Men movies, just wish they’d had more of a chance to become mates rather than following the Brotherhood storyline so close. But, hey, that’s what AU RP’s are for, to make happen what I’d really love to see.

Michelle, Re: Shrapnel

Absolutely! Shrapnel is a very important person to John too. As you already know, Crystal was the reason why he never chose to leave the farm again even after his house arrest was over. I adore the relationship these two have and love how it shows the softer and calmer side I’ve always felt Pyro had just needed the right surroundings and connections to bring it out.

A motorbike of her own, huh? Well, one, she’s not old enough yet and two, she has to learn how to ride one first before either of them would even think about letting her. Pretty sure John can help her with that last bit at some point throughout the story.

Mark, Re: Banshee

Sean is 53 now, right? If so then 20 years ago Shaw would’ve only been 22, just starting out as a rookie partner to an as-yet-unnamed senior officer. He may have been young but considering how hard he worked to get into and through the police academy plus the fact he comes from a long line of career cops then him working with Interpol isn’t farfetched, especially if his partner was a well-known and trusted officer as well. Then again, it’s possible that they were just called as backup and Shaw was able to prove his skills by helping out when it was needed, as you mentioned, saving Banshee or at least aiding in some way to earn the guy’s respect, etc. We can go more into this side of things in Shaw’s ICM now.

As for Pyro, what you have come up with suits me perfectly. I like the idea of seeing how these two interact with each other as we write out this connection we’ve come up with and can’t wait to see it fully in writing when we are finally able to get all the bios done. ‘Hello Beautiful’ will definitely be moved to the Main Story when the time is right as it’s already exactly what I’d wanted to do for him and his beloved motorbike :).


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I don't believe I haven't offered any of my people to interact with John... Bad Mariana. Well, I can see him sharing time with these characters of mine especially once he gets to the mansion.

Nick Fury: If we go by one of the ideas at Shaw's ICM, Pyro could have known Fury when he was quite young still before being adopted by his current family. Maybe he gave him one of those talks about future and responsibilities and that he should use his powers to do good and help others because there is a real need for that in the world. Then being convinced by Shaw that leaving the boy with the people he knew would be better for him than taking him out of the country suddenly.

Nightcrawler: If Pyro may still have some regrets he needs to deal with or just is in need of a friendly hand to help sort through his feelings, whenever he needs it, Kurt will be happy to assist him. No judgements, hard times or jokes. Just a willing ear and good, sensible advice.

Techs: Maybe John would want to acquire some more knowledge of computer science from an old nice technopath who once has been on the other side of the Law?

Sophie (Kinesia?): Maybe John could get anxious that Crystal is making friends too fast with a girl who was a member of the Thieves Guild for a while? OK, right now I can't think of anyone else who could have something to do with Pyro now or in the past. If you have more or other ideas, let me know.


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Ireland: Oh my goodness an opportunity for her to interact with someone while she's traveling!! Would love to have a thread while he's still down under. Ireland would likely sail to Australia, instead of taking a flight. It would be a long trip, obviously, filled with numerous stops. Some for fun and some for work. We could even open it up time wise, to be an encounter that happened when he was young, thus bringing up the fact that she has hardly aged a day since then. If he was 9 or younger he would have known Ireland as Jessie Sawyer, which would be the first in-game reveal of a false identity. Though it would be something she'd want to be kept as a secret. Who doesn't like bonding over a secret, lol. Then again, we don't have to take it that far back in time. It could be something in more recent years, just laying out options.


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  • Nick - Okay, I'd rather not have Pyro know Fury when he was very young. In fact, I'd prefer it was just Shaw that had a connection to him. That's not to say Nick doesn't know about Pyro, however.
  • Nightcrawler - I very much like the idea that John may consult the counsellor every so often, especially when something major happens in his life to stir up those feelings of needing to watch the world burn again.
  • Techs - Will see what happens with these two while writing.
  • Sophie - Yes, I agree with this. John would be quite wary of Sophie because of who her mentor is, etc. That is, until Remy has proven his loyalty to the Guild. This will be interesting to write.



  • This sounds like a lot of fun. Would Ireland have anything to do with the competitive motorcycle circuit? If she is a visitor to one or more of these events, she could have met him while he was working as a mechanic on site. Otherwise, she may have met him at one of the clubs he often frequented while living with his mates before moving back to the farmhouse. While Toowoomba is a rare city for anyone to want to visit (unless during Carnival of Flowers time) I could say he was in Brisbane for the night at one of the bigger clubs.
  • When John was 9 he was still a very angry kid in foster care, so he wouldn't have cared enough to take note of anyone he met back then. Still, if we set it for quite a few years ago, he'd wonder why she looks exactly the same while he's obviously aged a bit. Not sure it'd be enough for him to out her mutant ability though.



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  • Did you just say Carnival of Flowers? Ireland is a sucker for flowers and plants. I could have her in Brisbane for work, since it's on the coast. She could be downtown for the night life when she comes across Pyro. They could hit it off well enough for him to take her to the festival the next day. Or if he's the more passive type, he could mention the Carnival and then be surprised when she actually shows up. Could be a weekend romance or be weekend besties. I'm flexible either way. Ireland was built to have short relationships, and keep people at a distance. She's able to keep that up, because during the short time she's with someone she goes all in. And then takes that memory with her.