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For returning members, Shaali will be recognizable as a completely reimagined version of Blade Girl, a character I tried to put all my favourite powers into one. Although I did eventually come up with a reason why her abilities were so many and all over the place, I realised quite some time ago that having just the one base mutation and then drawing other uses from that is best. Thus, my girl is now an Electrokinetic with all the extensions that come with that plus the main power of using energy to heal.

With her history I want to go back to the beginning, clearing every connection I had with other Canon characters except for Pyro. No links to Wolverine, Gambit, or anyone else. Just Pyro. Who used to be known as Mana is now known as Shaali Evans, with a better and more realistic power set than when I first started out with. I’ve changed her name because I've finally found another one I am very happy with. Her new abilities are already up in her bio, it is just her background left to do now.

The Main Story Opening Scene Will Be As Follows 

Guiga, I have added Iceman into this. Mark, I have also mentioned Banshee and Beast.

In around his second year at TAFE, a then 32-year-old John met up with another mutant by the name of Bobby who he soon became good friends with and, of course, it wasn’t long before Iceman met Shaali too. We can decide when exactly they revealed their mutations to each other here if you like. Would Pyro have known first, etc? Let me know. Anyways, after learning of Shaali's wish to open up a school for abandoned kids (human and mutant) on their property, Iceman tells them about where he attended, grew up and was trained in his mutant powers back in the US.

Of course, Shaali shows great interest and without first letting her know, Iceman decides to pass on a message to Banshee who he would’ve already learned from John was in close contact with Ryan Shaw, the cop who helped him out growing up. Most likely would've already met him too. Sean could then have been the one to inform Beast about Shaali’s abilities and general healing nature and they both organize to send their own separate invites to the mansion. I love how this connects previous ideas so neatly together.

As yet unaware of Bobby’s involvement (of which can be told to them in the opening arrival thread) Shaali does her own research into Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters and when the decision is made, she and a now 34-year-old Pyro head over to investigate for themselves. It’s entirely up to you, Guiga if Iceman comes with them in the opening scene or if he turns up again later on. Other than that there are no major occurrences, very little problems, except, well, Pyro will always have the angst and the need to fight with authority figures.

From this opening thread onwards, unless it has already been prearranged elsewhere, eg: Shrapnel being Shaa’s adopted daughter, etc, I just want to see where the story takes us, what we can do and how much fun we can have.

Current For-Fun Threads:


  • Nicky Evans, Mum (NPC)
  • John Allerdyce, Pyro, Adopted Brother
  • Crystal Evans, Shrapnel, Adopted Daughter
  • Detective Ryan Shaw, by proxy, became almost like a father figure soon after Pyro's foster placement.


  • Bobby Drake, Iceman, Friend for about 3 years if that suits you, Guiga?
  • Pending


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Also no connections with Shaali. Bad Mariana again. Here is what I have so far.

Nightcrawler: Because who doesn't love him? Seriously, their nurturing nature is too similar for them not to become fast friends, unless I've lost something during her reinvention. Was there a personality change too?

Phoenix: Jean is an MD, one of the school's long time physicians and a healer too in her own way. Though the ways they work and the ranges of their healing abilities are completely different, I can see a natural friendship brewing between them with time.

Sophie: I guess Shaali wouldn't be as suspicious of Sophie because of her past as John would be due to her personality, but she may get a soft spot for the young girl for the same reason?

Legion: I see David's core personality, the centered one which acts his age, forming a very strong friendship with Shaali and that might help in some way to stabilize his mind once he goes to the mansion after the Natural Disaster SWP. Something else I may have let slip? I'm all ears.


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Hello Lovely!! I don't think our characters had much of a connection in their past life (lol), but that doesn't mean we can create one now. The only question is what kind of connection should they have?

Amp: The loving pixy will be instant friends with everyone. It's just her nature and the core of her personality. So Shaali doesn't have much choice in the matter, lol. What we can decide on is if you want to create a deeper connection with the pixy that goes beyond her hyper-loving exterior, that taps into her long life of experience.

Booker: I can't really offer him as a connection yet. Currently discussing the option of him going to the Thieves Guild with Sophie, if she's part of the rescue thread.

Ireland: Not sure how these two can connect, aside from a chance encounter or interacting at school. Since she's there quit often as a substitute teacher and/or visiting Amp.

Rogue: She's a teacher and a resident at school, so access would be easy. Maybe we should set up a fun thread for a girl's night out, that includes all the adult ladies from the school. Allow the girls to let down their hair in a space free from the eyes of children. Could provide a great bonding opportunity for lots of characters. Leaving the students/kids back with the men could be an entertaining thread too.


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  • Nightcrawler and Shaali becoming friends is a given ^^
  • Phoenix - Shaali would look up to someone like Jean and maybe be a little intimidated by how strong both a woman and a telekinetic she is too. Will see what happens during the natural course of writing.
  • Sophie - Let's just say whenever kids are involved, Shaali is there to nurture them any way she can. So, again, Shaali taking a liking to Sophie is a given. Pyro, not so much as he'll be wary of her foster father very much, at least, at first until the Cajun has proven himself loyal to the X-Men. That'll be John's protective Uncle instinct coming out there ^_^
  • Legion - A close friendship with Legion... wow, okay, I'm all for that. I do not know much about this character so I look forward to learning along with you and having one of my characters help with his character growth too.


  • Amp - oh, yes please. I'd love to work out a past encounter with her. I'm just not sure how this would work since Shaali has grown up in Australia and pretty much around the same area all her life, except when traveling with John on the motorbike circuit or heading to pick up an abandoned animal of some sort. If it's not plausible, then I am more than happy just to be loved by the little pixie from the mansion arrival onwards.
  • Booker - As with Remy, Sophie will eventually end up at the Xavier Mansion. We can see what, if any connection is made there in the course of writing.
  • Ireland - Agreed. Either I'll have Shaali join one of Ireland's threads later or you can have Ireland join one of hers.
  • Rogue - Okay, since Rogue is one of my absolute fave X-Men and I've always loved the way you play her, having Shaali and her become friends at some point is, and I'm begging here, a complete must... please, with all the sugars on top? Lol. The idea of a for fun 'Ladies Night Out' sounds perfect! Would you like me to start it? Will you? Let me know ^^