Was Your Character Dusted?

Aug 13, 2020 6:53 AM

Decision Time

Yep, as was recently announced and we've been discussing on Discord, now is the time to think about which one of your characters were affected by the events of Infinity War?

  1. The most important question of all is, were they dusted/blipped off the face of the planet for five years, with their return being around nine months ago now?
  2. If they weren't dusted, how were they affected? Lost family? Friends? Saw it happen? Found out later? And so on...
  3. Now that it is obviously a huge and very Canon part of MPIW please start mentioning it in-game. Feel free to think about any flashbacks &/or current threads you may wish to do exploring this.
  4. In line with the above, please make sure to add this event to the history section of any bios already complete and remember to include it there in any bios still pending.

Please head of over to the Discussion Thread to let us know. Thank you.