All Characters Done

Mar 30, 2020 8:31 AM

Character Updates & Notes

Hello Everyone,

Now each and every character has been created &/or transferred over. Lots of hard work but so very exciting! We have like 46 characters so far, so please take a look and make sure I haven't missed anyone. Lol.

Most of our characters currently have temporary avatars as Mariana has kindly offered (and is in the middle of) creating brand new sets for each and every one of us, which will include any obvious mutations. I personally cannot wait to see them!

Importantly, while plenty of time is being given to returning members to complete the heftier areas of their bios, the powers and history, for example, all I ask is that the simple and basic areas be finished off as soon as possible.

Also, keep in mind the RPG year is now 2023 (not 2019/20) and we are in discussion about starting the official timeline in November so all canons keeping some of or all of their movie appearances need to be aged accordingly. Example: Just add three years on to any previous birth date worked out. Please do this with any of your other character you may feel it is necessary.

Lastly, if you need any help finding your bios, getting into them, figuring out how to edit, adding images and so on, please either read our very helpful guides found HERE

Thank you, Mana