The Morning after the Arrival

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November 24, 2023
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"Mama's girl, Uncle's favorite Niece,Grandma's angel! And the Youngest Motorcycle Rider"

Crystal blinked when the G word was mentioned, indeed, like all kids Crystal loved glitter, loved seeing how it sparkled, and especially liked putting it on art where she was to put a family drawing to make it real, so she was very surprised and shocked when she had been told of the new rule regarding that. It made her think that maybe Glitter was not something they liked. “No, I don’t think so, they used to but for some reason they don’t want anything to do with it..which isn’t nice, I can’t make drawings with me cause I shine like glitter does. “ She said to the Fairy while not realizing that the reason was right there in front of her.

“Oh! I think I got an idea! Mommy and Uncle Pyro like it when I have friends so knowing you’re my best friend must make them happy! Mommy says having a friend is a good thing!  Though that seems like its for me rather than them,” she said not thinking that Amp keeping an eye on her and keeping her safe would be considered a great gift to them.

Crystal smiled happily when she was told that she could ask Amp any question she had.  This caused her excitement to go through the roof! Finally, she has knowledge that no one else had. “Ok! so in a Tinkerbell movie I saw, I heard tat Fairies there are born due to a babies first laugh, is that true?’ she asked her while her mind began wondering if her first laughter brought Amp into the world.